How do I cut a part of a model with many edges

I am modeling a shed. I am using a model from the 3D warehouse for the siding called t1-11 plywood. It was added by Unknown but it is called Plytanium and is (I think) a Georgia Pacific product. I have to cut out part of a sheet for the door, and will also have to do this for the windows as well. Because it has som many faces I cannot simply draw a rectangle on it and push out the 5/8". I can get a few faces, but there are several more. I tried creating a simple rectangle model and pushed it through the existing sheet of plywood then I did Intersect with model. Then I deleted the rectangle and tried to use (what I thought) the lines that were left over from the intersect. What is the best way to cut through the plywood? I don’t have Pro version.

I forgot to add the file.New Shed.skp (392.7 KB)

I am replying to myself. I did the intersection again except I exploded the groups first. Then dragging a rectangle through the lines on the “throw away” rectangle I was able to select them all. Then I hit the delete button. The result was the sheet with the doorway cut away. Then I regrouped it.

Late to the party but what else is new?

You don’t have to explode the groups to do what you did. You just need to place your “throw away rectangle” inside the group. You can do that by opening the group for editing first.

If there’s more than one group that needs to be modified by your “throw away rectangle”, draw it outside the groups and get it in place where you need it. Then select it, hit Edit>Cut (or the appropriate keyboard shortcut based on your OS) and then open one group at a time for editing and use Edit>Paste in place to paste the throw away into it. Make the modification and then repeat for the next group.

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The plywood sheet is a component in you model. The component definition is invariant under move, rotate, scale. So why just not scale to the size you need. The down side is scale perpendicular to the sheet slots changes their size but maybe you do not care since siding will go over or will it ? You will probably not even notice since view will not be that close.That raises another question: Why even use that type and associated expense unless not sided?
BTW do not forget saw kerf if trying to max sheet use. I did not take time to measure flooring and try to answerer that?
CutPlus accounts for that.

Unless you really need the geometry of the grooves and lands, you might use a simple flat sheet for the model and apply a texture image to get the same appearance. That will reduce the size of your model and make it easier to work with since the face of the sheet will be flat.

I’m back. Had to do that work stuff which dragged me away for a few days. Dave, I appreciate your reply. I’ve been fighting with this and not getting the results I need. I’ve tried making the cutting cube a component as I have seen on several videos on Youtube. But following the examples does not work as it does on their video. I suppose because I am not working with a flat face. As slbaumgartner suggested, maybe I should just apply a texture to the finished model. But I have already gone this far. In the attached file I have the cube sticking through the wall at the appropriate place. Tell me, what are the steps to take in cutting out that space? Notice I have to do it in two other places. When I try to intersect the faces with selection, A line is left on the faces of the siding, but it is not cut through. I set the component (Group 49 in the Components list) to cut through the face as described in one of the videos. It’s just not obeying me. I would appreciate your help in getting past this.New Shed.skp (1.3 MB)

Select the ‘cutting-box’ and use Edit>Cut.
Now Edit the side-wall component and then edit the central component part of it that will want the hole.
You’ll know when you have gone deep enough in the edits as you’ll be able to select just one face in that context.
Now use Edit>Paste-In-Place to add the ‘cutting-box’ back inside this context.
Now treble click on a plank face in the context - so that all of the geometry forming the central part is selected.
Context-menu > Intersect > with Context.
Delete the ‘cutting-box’.
You should now see the cut outline in the geometry of the central part.
Use a fence to select just that which you want to be gone… and delete it.
You now have a hole through the central part.
Exit the edits back to the Model context.

In the SKP you posted both side walls are copies of the same component.
If you want the hole to be punched in both of them, then doing the above steps on one also changes the other.
But if you want the changes to apply to just one you need to use the Context-menu > Make-Unique on the selected component-instance, before changing it, so that then those edits only apply to that one,

YES!!! Thank you. :smile: