Cutting through plywood sheets

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to model cuts in plywood. I created “plywood” by juxtaposing sheets of “veneer” which are in fact rectangular parralepipeds 1.4mm thick. Each of these parraplepiped is a group. Then I regroup again. I have attached an example

I am now trying to cut in this group with the “intersection” function. It doesn’t work because my “plywood sheet” is not a solid. I tried to fix the problem with the “solid inspector 2” plugin. I also tried to produce my juxtaposed sheets with the “slicer” extension. Each time I don’t get a solid because there are “nested instances”.
Do you have an idea to work around the problem?
Many thanks in advance.
Plywood plein.skp (30.5 KB)

Put the shape inside the top level group with the veneer groups. Then the Solid Tools will work fine.

What’s the point of modeling the veneer layers in the first place?

Why is it that the drark veneers are components and instances of one component while the light ones are groups?

As Dave says, why model the veneers?

If I’m modelling plywood, I put a texture on the edges, and a different one on the faces.

Like this, for example:


Many thanks to Dave for his advice. It worked fine. I was trying to cut through the whole stack at once and not layer by layer. Having components is an error that I will fix.

One last question, in the cut, the veneer slices are white. Is there a way to make them keep their color without having to manually reassign them?

Regarding John’s question, the goal is to be able to cut out curved shapes and visualize their intersection with the veneer layers.

Once again thank you very much for your help.

Fredo’s VisuHole would be an option for you, it will cut straight through multiple groups. By ‘painting’ the groups wrapper rather than the faces the material will be retained on the edges, but it will not necessarily be aligned the way you want.

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When using boolean operations, my experience is that it’s best to save the texturing for the last, after the boolean operations. This aplies to creating named objects, as well.
Here, I combined the two shapes with Union first, and then Trim the result with the ply layers:



Here’s a quick chair frame made using visuhole and radial bend, all layers pre coloured and each layer remains a separate solid.
Lam chair

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Looks an uncomfortable thing to sit on :rofl:

Did you do this with Fredo’s tools? Including the radius edge? I like it.

Yes, as I said, nothing but Visuhole and Radial bend.
I started with a ‘laminated board’ used Visuhole to round it off on the long edges, bent it to shape with Radial bend, then cut the holes and ends with Visuhole again. Done in a few minutes.

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