Overlaying Floors. Outline cut. Trim


I’m modelling up a theatre project.

I have an outline of a raked floor, the theatre floor. I have a series of ply sheets ready to lay ontop of the the raked floor.

I then want to trim the excess ply around the edges. (like trimming a pie edge…mmm pie).

the raked theatre floor has 2 differnet angles. small difference at front.

Like evrything it should be so simply but the brain cant work it out.

Id like to maintain the 2 groups as seperate.

I know this should be simple. I have tried multiple work flows to no floor.skp (2.2 MB) avail!

I would start by making a standard ply sheet as a Component. Then lay out as many as you need to more than cover the area. Then draw yourself a “negative cutter”. What I mean is draw a perimeter around your stage then create a surface that does not include the stage. Extrude it and make it a Group. Use Solid Tools to make the cutter cut the ply sheets.

Thank you. In the attached file, I have outlined the ply sheets(all components) as you suggest. The outline of the floor is to the left which I guess is the equivalent of the cutter you suggest…

How do you go about using the solid tools? I did try but as all the plysheets are individual components the warning came up that it wasnt a solid?

You need to fix your components and groups as the solid inspector plugin is reporting them as having stray edges and surface border problems

Several things to unpack there, Paul.

Firstly, your outline is what I would call a positive cutter, ie it is the thing itself. What I mean is an area outside the stage. Its actual size and shape doesn’t matter.

Secondly, if there is a warning that something is not a solid, you need to fix that or you won’t be able to use Solid Tools (obviously enough!). Do you have Solid Inspector installed?

Thirdly, you would end up with unique components because some will be different sizes/shapes.

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