How to create an asymmetrical cap?


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how to create an asymmetrical dome/cap as the one from the image below?

Leg.skp (2.5 MB)

I would appreciate any suggestion :slight_smile: :low_brightness:



Maybe something like this?

I used Eneroth3 Auto Weld to weld the edges of the curves and then Fredo’s Curviloft to loft the surfaces between the curves. I also use “The Dave Method” due to all the tiny geometry.

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Thank you Dave for your quick reply :slight_smile:
For some reason my Sketchup17 freezes on Eneroth.
But I made it with Curviloft’s third sub option.

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What are you selecting before running Auto Weld? If you selected the entire leg geometry, you just need to be patient. There’s a lot of geometry to iterate through. I only ran it on the curves you drew at the top of the leg.


It happens right after I select the Tool.


How much geometry are you selecting before selecting the tool?


It doesn’t work either way: selecting any or none.


If you don’t select anything it will go through the entire model If you select only a little bit of it, it’ll only look at that little bit.

Oh well. You’ve got the leg finished so you can model the rest of the piece now.


The plugin would benefit from a message box informing the user if they continue it will go through the entire model which can take time.


Thanks for the tip.:low_brightness:
Maybe it will work eventually and in a meantime I will use Curviloft.


They do two different things, though.


Which edges did you select with Eneroth?


Just the wireframe edges at the top of the leg.


These ones?


It says: “no edges could be found”


Yes. It didn’t give me that message. Did you use the Dave Method?


I did and still no edges :frowning:
But it’s okay.


The reason for the incomplete skin appears to be two edge gaps ( find them with edge tools), once those are fixed you could run the “skin contor” without the eneroth and get the end.


Be careful at which edges you select.


Thanks Steve!
Now I can’t run “Inspect and close edge gaps” on it :frowning:
It works on straight lines though.
1.skp (150.0 KB)