Newbie troubles with From Contours

Hey everyone - new to SketchUp here and learning the ropes. I’m trying to model a hi-peak tent for outdoor events and form the tent surfaces based off arcs and a support line. For some reason one side stops at a hidden point and stops creating my surface. Maybe there’s a better way to approach this, or I’m just missing an obvious thing - can’t understand why all other sides seem to form surfaces without issue. Here’s an image of what’s going on:

With Curviloft and Curic Mirror (but you can use any mirror tool you like)

Awesome. Is the mirrored surface tool you use (standalone toolbox you drag in) part of the curviloft ext?

Nvm - see you already answered that! Thanks for the help!

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If you are mirroring you can use the side that worked for you in SandBox, until you figure out what went wrong–Sandbox should handle this fine. To help figure it out, you might share the model.

Got it to work out through the mirroring tool. Check out the model attached and see if you can figure out what it was. You’ll see one that’s completed by mirror tool, and the other that wasn’t completing a surface.

Playpin.skp (249.9 KB)

One of your hip ribs was not a curve, but separate segments, and that seems to have thrown Sandbox. If you duplicate and use one of your other curves it works OK. However, Sandbox didn’t do very well with this shape. It’s better for some shapes. Curviloft will handle it with smoother, better geometry.

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