Hello! Quick guidance on preparing geometry in SketchUp

Hi, I’ve been trying this for a couple of days. No luck.
I have to make the continuous one marked in Red.
Any small tutorial or GIF would also work
Can you please help me with this?
PFA screenshot

Mike RR1


draw a square then an octogon inscribed in it. pull out one of the corner created by both. draw arcs and use curviloft like that :
(i multiplied it 3 times 90° but you can also multply 7 times 45°.)
(I did it quickly, feel free to make components before copying)


Pas exactement, Paul!

I think the shape is simpler. Just an arc and Follow Me.

Comme ca!

I’m not sure I see an edge on the picture, besides the one that has been sketched of course, but you might be right !

Hello Paul, I tried making but getting stuck at curvi loft thing, can you please send your file saved in 2000 format

@r.mike.007 are you using Sketchup pro or the web based Sketchup Free?

The corner edge is probably obscured by the red line drawn over it and the poor resolution of the image. But if you look at the cornice moulding you can see that it follows the walls and the arch resolves onto that. So a horizontal section at the base of the arch just above the cornice would show a right angle (I think).

If I am right, creating what the OP wants can be done much more simply than invoking Curviloft with native tools.