How to create a slab that slopes into a center drain

Hello, I am trying to create a model of a courtyard with different concrete slabs that drain into the center. See highlighed red square in the screenshot below. The arrows indicate slope to a drain in the center of each slab.

Any advice on how to accomplish this, and semi-easily repeat that action for this entire model.


You could try something like this:

Is “mn…” for Minnesota?

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An alternative would be to leverage Autofold with the Move tool. No need to draw in the diagonals, then.


thank you! I was way overcomplicating it for myself with Push/Pull. mn is just initials :slight_smile:.

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That did the trick, thanks so much!

Why did you mark Dave’s comment as solution? James reply was first and it showed the same method.

The solution was the same. But I think the set up that Dave used is actually better. I did draw an X to orient the rectangle and so had to delete a few lines. Drawing a rectangle and then placing it with inferencing is a simpler approach. :^)!

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