Sketchup/Layout Details - Deck slope elevation:

Hey fellow sketchup designers! I’m creating a detail for a small wrap around deck job. I create my construction details as 3d details, small vignettes. My question is about 3d details, not looking for a 2d option since that’s not what I am providing here for my building department.

I’m looking for ideas or suggestions or workflows on how to best create a 3d construction detail of a wrap around deck when the deck should be sloped. The problem with this kind of detail, is the sloped part of this detail. As soon as I slope a 3d deck detail as it joins in the corner, it becomes a more complicated detail to draw as now I have to put in plumb cuts, straighten joist hangers, etc.

Would anyone suggest not physically sloping the decks as they join together in the detail and instead just leaving a note about the slope for the detail? I think this is maybe a better way to go, but wondering how anyone else does this and what they think is the better option. If I didn’t slope the deck and just called it out with a note calling out the slope angle, that would surely save me a lot of time as I draw deck details down the road…

  • Tucker

You are cutting the detail views from a full 3d model of the deck?.. and the full deck has to be detailed to show the slope?.. Personally I would do a separate 3d detail model of the section… and notate the slope on it… for the main model you could show flat volume to represent the deck with a note to the detail… or just show a simple volume for the deck and autofold it to allow your falls to be correct and notated… hope I explained that clearly… I think its valuable that you model the fall correctly on the main model… just a simple volumetric form only though , so you are confident your slopes work at all juction / edge conditions… after that just build separate 3d detail models as or if needed.


That’s great, yea that is what I already do and definitely agree with you. Thanks for your insight!!

I think I’ve chosen to slope the deck in the seperate detail file because it also allows me to show how to make the then sloped ceiling below the deck and use tapered wood to get it flat for drywall or other substrates. If I didn’t slope the deck detail than I wouldn’t be able to show the ceiling and other stuff going on too. I think for now my best thought so far is that yea I might as well slope the seperate deck detail file.

What do you think?

Thanks for your help so far.

Thats the way to go… in the main plan though still find is useful to model the slopes at least on the upper surface… then use the query tool to mark up spot RLs… at least I do that for large concrete slab roofs…

If I recall TIG also some tools for notating slopes…

Sweet! I’ll look into that. Thanks sharp!