How to create 90 degree hollow cylinder with different sized ends

Having trouble trying to create to create a 90 degree hollow cylinder with different sized ends.
I have tried the follow tool and that’s fine when it’s all one size. Trying to taper the other end and that’s what I can’t figure out

2D very basic sketch of what I’m trying to do

Any help is appreciated.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? SketchUp Free (web) and 17 are different versions.

Do you have any better images of what you want? Do you really want it to have a square corner?

Hi Dave

Tried with Sketchup Make 2017 then I tried the Free web version to see if it had more options.

Make would give you more possible options and for your hobby needs is probably the way to go. How long are the legs of this elbow supposed to be?

trying to make a vacuum adaptor so its going to be a hollow round cylinder but want it at a right angle

So a 90° bend but with a radius so the flow isn’t reduced too much.

I would think a 46mm tube with a 46mm elbow to a 46mm to 41mm reducer would make a better connection for a vacuum.

yep that’s exactly it

something like this but with different diameter ends. its the change in the diameter at the other end that Icant figure out how to do.


ID of 39 mm with 3 mm wall gives OD of 45 mm, not 46, unless the thickness is 3.5 mm at inlet.

Like this?

that’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve.
how did you get it to taper after the bend?

I reduced the diameters at that end of the tube after Follow Me.

Although not required, I have Eneroth Auto Weld installed and it leaves the ends of the extrusion as circles after Follow Me. It’s a simple matter of selecting the circles and typing the desired radius. I didn’t add the straight section so it tapers from the end of the bend but it would be simple enough to control where the taper starts and ends as Box did in his video below.

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Here’s one version.


This was posted by SU Trimble member Tyson this morning which ought to give you some pointers.


Thanks Box for the video, it was super helpful. just made a basic hard 90 angle for now will do a radius version now I feel comfortable with it.

Looks like it is insideout, by default the outer faces should be white. If you have painted it that is ok.

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think your right. have fixed that now and changed it to a radius bend.

it seems to cut a section out when I use the follow me tool now

the bit in the middle gets cut for some reason, any suggestions why?

I think it’s the small faces syndrome for Sketchup. Try modelling it at 10 or 100 times the size to prevent this, then scale back to the required size. I’m sure you might get a couple of better solutions from the likes of @Box and @DaveR though!

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If you are running a version that can use plugins you can do this with Truebend plugin (and probably others)

Compare your model with the one @Box created. Your curved elbow has a small ( too small) center line curvation. This leaves no room for the innermost faces in the elbow. The elbow bites its own tail, so to speak.

Use a larger radius for the tangent curve when creating the center line before using the ‘Follow Me’ tool.

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