Making 90 degree Pipe sections for a valve

I am designing a 3 way valve. The valve is complex, but can be made with various intersections and unions of standard pipe sections.

I am new to sketchup, but I have watched several videos, and what i am doing for the first step is fairly straight forward, but I cannot get this to work correctly. To start with, I am trying to make a “Y” pipe out of two 90 degree radius pipe sections. My original plan was to make these out of solid shapes for both the outside and the inside and when the two parts are correct, I would subtract the inside piece.

However, in trying to make the “Y” pipe. I cannot seem to make a proper 90 degree pipe. I start with the 2 D circle surface with Radius 2". I then draw a 2 point arc with a radius of 8"from the center of the circle, and then use Follow Me to create the 90 degree bend. The pipe looks pretty good. I then make a copy, and mirror one of them and then intersect them. However, I can tell that the do not may exact 90 degree. Is this not a good approach? I did try making a toroid, which I the thought I would cut this into sections, but the sections plane is not intuitive to me. In any case, I would appreciate any help you can provide.

Check this thread perhaps it will give you some direction.


Making a Y pipe fitting

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John; While you have SU open on screen left side note there is a 3 D warehouse link, You may find models there you can use or, do a internet search. Some suppliers will have models of their products you can download.


Thanks. While I was hoping to use radius turns, I can see how this would be easier. I will give it a try.

Why can’t you use radius turns?


I see where you are having a problem. The follow me tool will make the ends perpendicular to the first and last segments of the path, so yes, your radius bend will have incorrect ends.
Best bet is to make the ‘bend’ from a full circle and chop out the section you need, or add a straight segment at the end.
This will give you 90deg ends.

Here’s a quick one, not sure if this is the shape you are after.

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Box, Thanks. This is what I suspected. I did make the full circle like a toroid, but since I am new at Sketchup, I did not fiddle with it much. I suspect it would get closer if I added more segments or added straight sections to each end of the elbow, but the way you did it looks pretty straight forward. Thanks again.