Making a Y tube (manifold)


Good day everyone! I am really new to these forums…but I figured that this would be the best place for me to ask about creating something. I recently upgraded to sketchup pro!

I am having trouble creating a Y pipe manifold in sketchup. Has anyone done this and if so could you please explain how to.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.


Start by using the line command and arc command to draw the path of one half of the Y
The draw a circle at the end of the path the size of the final pipe
Use Follow me to create the volume of the pipe (circle along the path)
Select all (I inverted faces) and use Rotate (with modifiers key) to copy-rotate the geometry
Select all and intersect with selected
Cleanup! (remove interior faces, smooth/hide lines.

Making 90 degree Pipe sections for a valve

Essentially the same as @TheOnlyAaron’s.

If you want a wall and ID, start with an anular profile (section) instead of a circular one.



Ok, two faster replies with similar solution, but since I’ve created the animation…


To be fair… no one else thought to color it purple… I think that means you win…


Thank you so much for your help guys :smiley:


Making the first bend into a group before rotate/copying allows the use of the Outer Shell tool - less cleanup work.



Here is another version using Thomthom’s excellent SubD.