Suggestions for modeling undulating piping?

Tapping into the hive mind here, see what methods I’m missing. As a fun exercise I was creating this game model, which includes some hydraulic lines. I ended up drawing a few curves, welding them together for the path and then using CLF Shapebender. This worked pretty well, but I imagine there are some other techniques that would also work well.

  • Depending on the path curves and how tight they are, shapebender squashes geometry. Follow-me does the same, so this isn’t unexpected, but any other methods or suggestions for keeping the pipe integrity or creating these kind of undulating/ braided piping?

  • Any suggestions, ideas for how to draw these convoluted paths? I mumble by using arcs and bezier tools, but still find it tricky to get a good smooth path.

Thanks all!

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Helix Along Curve?

Ah, good suggestion Dave, I haven’t used that one.

Thanks. Here’s a link:

And a quickie example.


So in this case, you created a tight spiral using Helix to follow along the path? Nice!

Yes. the helical “tube” geometry overlaps slightly to keep it tight.

It might take a little experimentation although you could do a little math to figure it out if you prefer.

Make sure you select Yes for Create tube.


Very helpful Dave, thank you.

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Any other gurus with ideas out there?

How about another idea from the same guy? Make a component of one unit and use Chris’s Component Stringer to string them end to end along a path.



If you want something that shows the flexing of the segments, Fredo’s Radial Bend, part of Fredoscale.


Or Profile Builder 3?


You guys are awesome. I wondered about Profile Builder, but haven’t tried it, clearly it works well. Box, nice suggestion, that’s another one I’ll try.