New to SketchUp Free. How to model piping?

Hello all. How can I model piping in SketchUp Free. Like carbon steel pipe, 4" or so. I found a pipe component to download but it was PVC and I couldn’t change the length of it. Also how to place welded fittings if there are any, mostly elbows


First thing you should do is take the time to learn the basics of SketchUp. Go to

How are you going to use the piping once you model it? That will help to determine the best route to go to model it.

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You should start here:
There is also a SketchUp YouTube channel that is very informative…

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You can use FollowMe to create a circular (or any other shape) of piping, using a circle of the right diameter to follow a path you draw.

If you don’t need detail in the fittings, the elbows can also be drawn with FollowMe, using a larger diameter circle and a couple of short lines joined by an arc for the path.

For example…

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It’s worth noting that follow me cannot follow a branched path but you can use the path more than once.

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I see that you use SketchUp free which doesn’t allow plugins.

With SketchUp versions that allows plugins, you can install “The Engineering Toolbox”.

This amazing plugin allows you to insert all king of pipes and pipe fittings in a model.

But even without plugins, you can navigate to the web site of "The Engineering Toolbox and get a lot of informations. Among them you can obtain dimensional data that can allow you the possibility of creating your own pipe fittings.

After a few hours, you can develop a pretty good collection of Elbows, Tees, Flanges, etc…

This is if you want detailed models that look like real piping.

But the solutions already shown by others using the Follow Me tool are quite good to produce a nice piping model.

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