Elbow with differing input and output diameters


Hello, I am trying to make a 90 degree elbow of sorts that has an ID of 70mm. The other end has an ID of 16mm. I cannot figure out how to make this shape, even with a number of plugins. I haven’t come across a shape like this from anywhere else either; please help!

This is to be 3D printed so there will be another layer on the outside, but if I can figure this out I can probably make the other one work too.

Thanks in advance.


Do you want a right angle or a radius?


Have you tried creating 10 circles at 100mm diameter (or whatever the maximum outer diameter will be), each rotated by 10 degrees. Create the ID on the first circle to 70mm, the ID of the last to 16mm, then calculate what the inner circles will be and draw them onto the surface. Finally join up the inner and outer endpoints of each circle. It is a bit of work but doesn’t require you to learn a new plugin.


Here is one version using Curviloft.


Looks like curviloft did it for me. Thanks a lot!


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