Inside tapered cylinder wall with hollow core

I would like to create a tapered cylinder wall inside a solid with the core being hollow as a through hole. What tutorial or text references are recommended to get started with this? Also, is the Pro version mandatory when working with solids? From what I’m reading, that seems to be the case. Finally, is Sketchup a practical alternative to Solid Works, Cobalt, Alibre, etc., for non-professional use? Thanks for your feedback and help.

Draw two concentric circles for the ID and OD of the cylinder at one end. Delete the face in the center and push/pull the annular ring into a hollow cylinder. Select the ID at one end and Scale it up or down (from the center) as you prefer.

You don’t need Pro to work with solids.


Thank you. I appreciate your reply.

Perhaps something like this :smile:


Great Chris. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. This will work well for me on many occasions. However, if I am reading correctly, to subtract a solid entity from another solid entity, the Pro version is required. Agree? With that said, I assume there is not another work-around for this, but that’s okay, if I need the Pro version I’ll get it. I have occasions where I need to subtract material inside another entity. Thanks again for your help.

Can you go a little slower and show how one would edit the inside and outside diameter and height of a 3D section of pipe so created?

I need something about 5 inches in diameter and an 1/8" thick (length of the pipe in the example above).