Creating a tube as a solid fails, how to achieve?


I attempted to create a tube piece having a hole in its side with solid subtraction of a bar from the tube. This failed as neither was recognised as a solid.

It turns out my cylinders from which I created the tube appear to be not solid. The help states an entity is solid if the entity window shows a volume. This is not the case for a pushed circle or a pushed extended circle having the inner area removed (creating a tube by look immediately). As my pushed circle isn’t a solid, I can’t create a tube by subtracting a cylinder having small radius from a cylinder having a bigger radius either.

Thus I ask for help here. Attached the saved circle from which I started all: home.skp (107.8 KB)

The cylinder has to be a group or component before a volume can be displayed.


Keep in mind that the Solid tools, which include Subtract, are included only in Pro. But that’s okay, you don’t need the Solid tools to make a hole in a tube, and it doesn’t have to be a solid. You can just use the Intersect command. Try this:


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Thank you! Thank you!