How to copy plugins into new version

so I read somewhere on the forum to just copy the .rb files from previous release into SU 24.

I get confused. There are a a lot of folders as well. Copy them too? What are they, preferences?

copy everything. the folder contain extra bits, extensions are not just raw code, they contain images, and extra code and stuff (as you can see from my technical terms, I’m not a dev :wink: )

the only things (folders and rb files) I wouldn’t copy are the ones starting with SU
they are the extensions SU comes with, SU24 should have a more recent / compatible version.

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Also remember that copy from an older version might give you extensions which are incompatible with the newer SketchUp version. So it’s always recommended that you reinstall the latest versions of your extensions. If you do the copying be prepared to have loading errors and then having to install newer extension versions from the Extension-Warehouse or SketchUcation, or an author’s site.

On a side note - the SketchUcation toolset has been fully reworked to be compatible with v2024 and this also affects any extensions using the SCF licensing system. Also virtually all of Fredo’s extensions and his LibFredo have been reworked for the latest SketchUp’s compatibility.