How to convert an imported .png image into a 3D model with SketchUp 2017?

I’ve imported into the desktop application of SketchUp 2017 a .png image that I’ve carved from a jpg. in Corel Paintshop pro. Importing the file in png. kept the transparency I need, as I will be nestling the image into a fitted box. Saving the image as a component and then pulling up the face doesn’t make it solid. How do I give it depth? I’m using Windows 10.

Read other posts with similar questions and have tried downloading some of the extensions to try them out. They won’t open. Windows wants to know what application I want to open the file with…

Thank you for your time

You do not open RBZ archive files with the operating system.

You open the Extension Manager window inside SketchUp, and either install extensions directly from the Extension Warehouse, or manually by clicking the redInstall Extension” button at the bottom of the Extension Manager window. (A file browse dialog appears and you navigate to where the RBZ archive is and select it.)

Refer to the online User Guide for Extensions and the Extension Warehouse …

Thank you for your reply. I’m doing something wrong. It says they are installed but where? I’, not understanding the steps. So sorry… This is the first time I’ve tried to do this… I’ll follow up with pics tomorrow on what I’m seeing and not understanding. Thank you.

Sometimes you need to restart SketchUp after installing extensions.

Each extension is unique and you should consult it’s docs if available.

Some extensions have toolbars that you might need to open manually the first time.
View (menu) > Toolbars… (dialog), then check the box for the toolbar you wish to show.

Extensions most often add items (or submenus) to the Extensions menu, but can also add to other menus. (Consult the doc or help file for the extension.)

Sometimes an extension can add items to the right-click context menu if the command it adds is context-based. (As an example, if you click on an image, a magic face plugin might add it’s command to the context menu, and you might see a “Magic Face from Image Perimeter” item on the menu.)

@jimhami42 I know wrote a plugin that can draw SketchUp edges around a BMP image.