Opening Files in Sketchup

Hello i am very new to Sketchup and am tying my hand at rendering. I have the Podium extension and save my renderings as a png file and i am not able to open them up in SketchUp. I am also on a MAC.

Why do you want to open a png raster image in SketchUp? You can import a raster image in SketchUp using File>Import but how do you plan to use it once you have it in SketchUp?

Might be that you should spend some time at learning how to use SketchUp.

Well i am trying to edit a rendered model that i drew in SketchUp and rendered with SU Podium. I am in class and the teacher is teaching enscape and i have podium so i am already on a different playing field What i think i need to do is save the file in Skp but i cannot figure out how to do that if i can not open them up in SketchUp to save them.

You can’t import a PNG into SketchUp and edit it as if it’s a 3D model. The image is just that. Much like one you might take with your phone. If you want to edit the image, you’d be better off using PhotoShop or something similar.

If you need to make changes to the model that was used in the render, you’ll need the .skp file which you can open in SketchUp. Then you would make whatever changes you need to make and send it to Podium again for rendering.

Su Podium render engine doesn’t ‘bake’ textures to the faces.
Neither does Enscape, it just loads the SketchUp model in it’s own viewport, but it is interactive and so changes in the SketchUp model will reflect in Enscapes viewport.
Su Podium produces still images.

If you want something like Enscape on a Mac, you can try V-Ray. That has an interactive viewport, too.

OHHHH Thank you i think i get it now.

Thanks for all the info.