How to convert an 800mb dxf 3d file into a sketchup file

Is it possible to convert an 800mb dxf 3d file into a sketchup file? It’s a rather massive file to begin with. Is there a better way to export it from autocad? Should software like Blender be used to convert the DXF first? I’m lost. thanks

It can probably be done but you’ll likely need to be patient.

If it is a multi-storey building, you can export it in several smaller pieces, maybe each level, maybe less (only the exterior walls, then the interior walls, floors, etc.).
The same thing, export in pieces, can be applied to other types of models, it depends on what you have and what you want to achieve exactly.

very patient :)…

Honestly, it is probably better and quicker to built it from scratch… being 800MB indicates that even for autocad it is likely to be poorly organised… exploded hatches… nothing in structured layers… you would be better to isolate just what you need… and create that fresh… what is the DXF file of? highrise?, landscape? urban area? 2d or 3d data?, interior with soft furnishings and flowers etc exported from a 3dmax model?

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We don’t know, but a DXF file with the same content is much larger than a DWG as it is plain text with no compression.

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Was going to say why use dxf and not DWG from AutoCAD into SU?

DXF is a very simple and very inefficient format. It’s like the “lowest common denominator” that you use for maximizing compatibility.

You may find that it consists of a lot of 2d or 3d faces that have been heavily triangulated.
DXF will add LOTS of lines end edges, which can be cleaned up in SketchUp.

But a better approach would be to export as a DWG (3d DWG) from Autocad using a recent version eg 2018+

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