Converting Autocad to Sketchup

Hello is it possible to convert Autocad files to Sketchup? I am wanting to add some lighting and furniture etc that is avaiable as DWG but not (as far as I can see) Sketchup.
I do have access to CAD so can convert in there if it is possible. Thanks.


I suppose they are DWG files ? 3d DWG ?

then file / import and off you go !
you might have to tweak some import settings, and you’ll have to re-colour the models I guess.

if they are a different format than dwg / dxf then… well that depends :slight_smile:

There are also limitations on what SketchUp can import. Some things are noted in the post-import dialog. Things that came from proprietary CAD extensions or that refer to external resources generally can’t be imported to SketchUp.