How to convert a jpeg file in to skm file on a mac

Hello, I made a folder with materials
some materials are jpeg filles
how to make this folder (100items) in to skm files

my email : thanks :wink:

you have at least four choices on a mac…

  1. use the Color panel in SU to add them one at a time…

  2. find an Extension that works for your version of SU on a mac…

  3. find and run some ruby code in ‘Ruby Console’…

  4. Write your own ruby code or extension…

you should add your SU version to your forum profile…

what else is in the folder and where is it kept?


Thanks John,

  1. there are 100 jpg’s 1 @a time

  2. no where to find any extention

  3. no ruby’s to find for my problem

  4. How to do this?

This may help:

I have working code for SU v18, but you still haven’t said which version you use…


It’s a secret. :wink:

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su podium 2.5.802

or what’s SU ?

S ketch U p…


Have tried this, extension is .rb not .rbz
I made it .rbz myself after this error installing extention


What steps did you use to make it .rbz?

Yes its version 2018 thanks :wink:

Please edit your profile to include that information.

change name rb to rbz :roll_eyes:

That doesn’t make the file readable by SketchUp so it’s no wonder you’re having problems. Put the RB file into a ZIP and rename ZIP to RBZ.

Wrong method! You need to create a zip file containing the rb and then change the extension from .zip to .rbz.

Ok thanks, now extention is instaled, problem —> unsigned and not showing while enabled

That plugin is quite old and hasn’t been touched in a long time (since 2005). I didn’t write it and haven’t installed it, so I don’t know whether it is still compatible with recent versions of SketchUp, which use a newer version of Ruby since when that was written. It is an old style plugin that does not register itself as an extension, and predates the signing system. You will need to restart SketchUp to cause it to load. It will show up as an item named “Import Materials” in the Extensions menu.

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