Issue installing "jf_save_as_menus.rb" plug-in

Starting a new topic so my original topic doesn’t stray from initial issue.

In that topic, @john_mcclenahan mentioned the “jf_save_as_menus.rb” file and how to install a ruby file as a plugin-extension: Zip ruby file, rename zipped file to rbz file extension and select rbz file from Extension Manager to install it.

This was also covered in this post.

I’m having problems following the procedure described. After downloading file, I zipped it and then renamed the file extension to rbz. The file is found when I choose Install Extension from Extension Manager, but when I try to install it, I get the error message below.

The message is not all that useful as it doesn’t tell me WHY it couldn’t install. I’m assuming system is creating more detailed information somewhere as it tries to do the install. For example, are there log files I can look at? Otherwise, how do you know what caused the error?


With a single .rb file what you did would normally work.

But you can also just copy the .rb file into the SU Plugins folder.

True, but I’d still like to understand how I can “debug” to find the actual issue. One of these days, I am going to start learning how to write my own Ruby scripts to enhance my own SU experience. I miss coding

What sw you used to zip?
Post the jf_save_as_menus.rbz file you crated and we can check it…

Here 'ya go. I used 7zip to create it.

jf_save_as_menus.rbz (870 Bytes)

Your file is actually a 7z file. You should use like this:

Or Try this one:
jf_save_as_menus.rbz (866 Bytes)

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Oh yea, I should have mentioned I use 7zip, but I’ve never had trouble with anything recognizing it as a zip file.

Creating it with zip file extension name as you said works.

Thank you!

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Using 7zip is OK, BUT the RBZ must be made by renaming a .ZIP file - so just watch what you are doing if an app has multiple options…

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