How to change dimension of wall with offset

Just getting started with Sketchup, so this may be a simple thing.

How do I change the dimension of a specific wall, or room, that is already created, with an offset for the walls? Two scenarios - I originally created a room with the wrong dimensions, and in another case, the room has a slanted roof, so after drawing my box and using push/pull and all that, I want to take the one wall (with it’s offset) and pull it up.

It would be nice in both cases just to click somewhere and type in the exact dimension, but I’m struggling with the offset and how all the things are connected.

Thank you!

I have more questions than answers. It depends on how you approach modeling in SU. Have you grouped geometry into separate walls? Are all the walls one group? Is nothing grouped?

If you can’t share the model, you could at least share screen shots of what you’re working on. That might help.

Thank you. Here’s a screenshot with lines of what I want to do - nothing is grouped currently. I want to lift a wall because the ceiling is sloped toward the front.

You should start grouping thing, or before too long, the “stickyness” of SketchUp will become unmanageable. I would suggest making the floor separate, but it’s not critical yet.

I would over extend the top of wall all around, and then intersect that with a sloping plane. I don’t have time for a lengthy reply at the moment.

Ctrl + PushPull

option 2

option 3

Awesome - thanks so much for these tips and feedback, folks - much appreciated.