How to change backdrop sky to higher resolution

Hello. Been off SKU and here for too long, summer, Covit etc. We are not getting younger
I downloaded a circular sky to put around my concept

model. But I find the resolution not to my liking. I have over 500 sky and cloud pictures that I shot myself over the year. How can I quickly experience what they would look like. Is there a way to just drop them onto the screen?
Thank you very much stay healthy

The resolution part can be fixed. Go into Window, Preferences, OpenGL, and check the box next to use maximum texture size.

It will be demanding, but it will look nicer.

Also check this one:

Hello Thanks, this seems to only work for 2020 version which I don’t have.
The message displayed says it’s not compatible with my version which is 2019 :-(.
Never the less thank you very much it “looks” great.

(This extension is marked as being not compatible with your Operating System or SketchUp Version. Proceed anyway?)

Hello. I have tried that but it not changed anything I guess the original pictures is very low res. But I will learn how to put my own sky pics in there. Thank you.