How to calculate the coordinates of my reference image

I’m trying to get the coordinates of my reference image using the photomatching feature of sketchup that I have learning in this video tutorial :

It seems that sketchup is good for such kind of things. I have attached two pictures showing what I did with my reference image and how it should be done…can someone tell me if I did it correctly ? thanks.

The image shown in your screen shot really isn’t suitable for Match Photo. You need a photo with two distinct vanishing points. The photo in the video has those two vanishing points. Yours doesn’t. Is this a photo you took? If so, try taking it again but move the camera over to the left as far as you can so the edges where you have your red lines positioned will recede toward a vanishing point. Make sure you don’t crop the image or do any other manipulation to it. Use the image straight out of the camera.

Thanks. what to do,then ?

Take new photos of the space. Stand more in a corner and aim at the opposite corner. Use the photo as-is straight from the camera, with no photoshopping (especially cropping, perspective correction or other distortions).

I can’t do it. I took the photo somewhere in internet.