How to bring up the pop-up window again when creating a scene

How can I bring up the pop-up window again when creating a scene ?
I checked “Do not see this pop-up again” before.
It is inconvenient to change the name of the scene.
I want to reuse that window to name a scene when creating it.

The only popup that might show when creating a scene or updating it would be the style warning.
Screenshot - 5_5_2023 , 8_22_14 PM

You can re-enable that by going to Window>Preferences>General and clicking on Reset All Warning Messages.

As for naming scenes, that would be done in the Scenes panel in the tray. If you closed it so it doesn’t appear in the tray, go into Window>Default Tray and turn it on.

To renane a scene, you can also right click on its tab at the top of the modelling window to bring up a contextual menu.

One of the choice in this menu allows you to rename the file. Press the Return key when done to tell SketchUp that this is the new name that you want.

One can also select the scene name in the scenes panel, then right click the name to get a context menu, then choses “Rename Scene”. Then type the new desired scene name in the Name entry box at the bottom of the “Scenes” panel.

When I was a new user many kind of strange things seemed to occur without apparent reason. As time passed and I understood more of what I was attempting to do and how to correctly make it happen; those “mystery” problems became less and less. As is often stated in this forum, spending some time educating one’s self on proper operation of the software is time well spent.