How to get the “Warning - Scenes and Styles” pop-up warning back in Pro 2020 version

By mistake I have checked the box “Please don’t show me this again. I will manage style changes on my own” in the warning pop-up window for Scenes and Styles.
Does anyone know of a way to undo this choice and get the warning window back again?

I know the method in Old version(2017). — Preferences > General > Scenes and Styles (Check.)
But i use the SketchUp Pro 2020 version. I can’t find out the option.
Please help me~~~~~
Thank you.

You’re close with Preferences>General.

Preferences>General>Reset all warning messages.
Screenshot - 6_3_2020 , 7_23_16 AM

Thank you for fast answer.
I try your method.
But when i make the animation again, the waning pop-up is not appear again.
Please let me know how get this pop-up again.

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That should only pop up if your style has been modified and not updated when you click to create a new scene or update an existing one. It won’t pop up if the style is updated. Does the style thumbnail show the circular arrows indicating it has been modified and needs updating?

Screenshot - 6_3_2020 , 7_33_09 AM

Thank you very much for your really quick response.
Have a nice day.

Is it working as expected now?

Please understand even if I don’t speak English well.
I understood what you were saying.
I didn’t get the result I wanted.
I want is to change the position of objects in scene1 and scene2 differently.
But when I move an object in scene1, the object is also moved in scene2.

I’d really appreciate it if you let me know if there is a way to fix this.

This warning has absolutely nothing to do with what you’ve just described.It is related to styles when scenes are created or updated.

If you want to show an object in different locations in different scenes, you need to make copies of the object in the different locations and use tags to control visibility of them.

Here’s an example:

Two copies of the moving objects. One in pink and the other in green. Note the colors in the Tags panel on the right.

One scene selected and one set of objects shown.

Another scene and another set of objects shown:

I understand what you mean.
I’m thinking wrong.
But if you can’t excuse me, can you tell me a little more?

Thanks for the really kind answer.
I wish you a lot of blessing.

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I was editing my previous post to show you.

The scenes are really just camera positions and they show the model objects (groups and components) where they are in space relative to the camera. If you move the objects, all the cameras will show that they have moved. You need to show different instances instead.

Here is the result of from the file above.

Click on the picture.

And thank you.

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I looked at the photo above, and I respect you.
Thank you for letting me know something new today.
I will study harder and harder.