How to avoid modifying the model

My plugin adds a mini-model of human. It is used by user to specify the scale of human relative to house.
How could I avoid users to modify the human ?
Only move and scale is allowed on human.

Fixed_Size_Sang.skp (44.9 KB)

try this and see if it does what you require after importing to another model…


Let me try it.

After trying out few things I observed that I want the functionality of lock.
But with freedom of moving ,scaling or rotating the human/entity.
With lock I can avoid exploding , making component or any other editing on the entity.

In short I only want to edit the transformation of entity - Position, Scale and Rotation

A container of locked items can be transformed as a whole just like you wish. So, Open your component, Group internal items if they are not in groups or components yet, then Lock them.

Be aware that this does not prevent re-opening the component and adding other items or, for that matter, unlocking the constituents and editing those anyway.

SketchUp’s lock is more like a door latch: there is nothing that prevents a user from undoing the latch and opening the door.

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