Lock a component's size but not position

How do I lock a component’s size but not its position? I want to move furniture around in the room without accidentally changing their size.

BTW: It took me HOURS to learn that everything has to be registered as a component, otherwise it’s all stuck together! I am new here and find SU has a steep learning curve.

There’s no reason the sizee should change if you are using the Move tool to move the components.

If you’d gone through the tutorials at learn.sketchup.com you would have learned that in the first several lessons. Don’t make it hard on yourself. There’s loads of free tutorials available. Use them.

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Thanks for your prompt reply! Now I see, after registered as a “Component”, the Move tool won’t change its size. But it still can inadvertently select its dimension lines or label and move them around. And the Move tool frequently changes into the Rotate tool. These are annoyances & challenges for non-users with whom I am sharing the model.

Put the dimensions and labels inside the component or create a nested component.

It depends on where on the component the cursor is placed.

A little education of the non-users is simple enough. Since you are using SketchUp Free, I presume you are a hobbyist and so are your “non-users”. Consider sharing the SketchUp model via the online viewer so they can look at the components but can’t modify the model.

Thanks for the suggestion & tips. I am now encouraged to invest more time in learning. Getting into new tech is typically a left-foot/right-foot process of experiment-trial and study-lookup. SU is obviously complex enough that intuition alone didn’t get me very far up the steep learning curve. Your community support is essential to keep folks like me plodding along… upward.

It’s like a lot of things. Taking the time to learn how to use any tool the way it is intended to be used saves much frustration. And sinice this is a hobby thing for you, learning to use it correctly should be fun.

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