Sketchup improvements

Hi everyone.

I am not sure if this feature exists in sketchup 2023, but I think (in my humble opinion) that it would be more useful if we can edit a specific group object once and it will reflect across all of that same existing group.

For example, I made a model of a door at about 90cm x 210cm with specific deaign my client wants. Then I goup the door and named it “Door A”. Now, I copy paste Door A across 25 rooms. If the client wants to change the size of Door A from 90cm x 210cm to 80cm x 220cm, changing all 25 copy paste Door A could be a huge task. If there is a feature in sketchup pro that I just edit the Door A once, the sketchup will auto update the remaining 24 Door A withiut me going through 1 by 1. That would be a huge help.

Thank you.


Let me introduce you to components… you need to learn the basics of SketchUp:


If that’s what you want, use components. That option has been available for more than 20 years.


Oh my! I wonder if the door is properly modeled. Components are one of the most basic things a person must know to work in Sketchup.

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You’re describing components. Do exactly as you do for groups, but instead select Make Component and carry on. Enjoy!

Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.