How to add my License

I just got SketchUp Pro 2018 but when I open the app it says ‘Add License’ but then says ‘Bummer, It looks like you’re offline, you must be online to add or remove SketchUp licenses.’ but I am online. When I click the advanced option it wants me to paste my pro license and add it but where do I find what my pro license is?

Where did you get SketchUp Pro 2018? Trimble hasn’t offered that version on their site for years. Where did you get the license? They also haven’t sold a license for 2018 formore than 5 years. Are you trying to use a crack code?

What operating system? What graphics card. Your profile contains bogus answers to those questions.

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This is the version offered through my work. I got the license through work and someone from trinity animation, inc sent over the steps on how to get my Trimble account set up and they issued my license. So it says my account is active just not sure how to get it to connect on the actual app.

What operating systems? - Don’t know what this means
What graphics card - Don’t know what this means

Trimble hasn’t supported SketchUp 2018 for a very long time. @colin might be able to help you with the license but since there’s no official support, it may not be possible.

Keep in mind that none of the web services like 3D Warehouse or Add Location support that version anymore. Windows and Apple have stopped supported the web browser embedded in SU2018 so there is a potential to attract viruses and other nasties from the web.

Some version of Mac operating system or Windows 10 or Windows 11.

The computer has to have a graphics card. Look in the system information. Get someone in the office to assist if needed.

For the seeming to be offline problem, read this topic I made: