How to add material from google into sketch up

I used to know how to do it in an older version of sketch up but can’t find it in a new version of sketch up pro 2021.

What do you have to start with? An image file?

Just any picture of the material. In my case I need concrete. I can’t find where to upload it on sketch up

You can use File>Import, choose the image and choose to use it as a texture, then apply it to a face. Or you can import it through the Materials or Colors panel. The exact steps for that depend on which version you are using, Mac or PC.

Yes but i cant find the option to upload it to my materials

bank (1).skp (1.1 MB)

Do you mean to save it for later use? That also depends on whether you are using Windows or Mac.

no, just upload it and use it in my project.

Because materials from warehouse doesn’t look good to me and i can’t find what i need

I’ve already told you: Use File>Import and import the image as a texture. Apply it to a face in the model.

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ok, thank you I’ll try it now

sorry,i have one more question how to cut the rest of the material which doesn’t fit or fit it to my building

I’m not sure what it is you are trying to cut. If you are trying to divide the floor so it isn’t all the same material, use the Line tool to dived the floor face into smaller regions. Then you can paint them separately.