How to add image to a circle shape?


On a square I’ve figured that out no problem, but when I Google adding artwork to a shape, whenever its a cylinder it’s always the sides not the top.

Problem I am having is, I have arcade buttons. Top is a flat circle, and I am trying to add a square image to it, one that says COIN and another button I have an image of a small person for Player1.

On a square I click one corner then the opposite corner and image is there, on a circle there is no corner, I have to click the bottom of the circle and out from there, at which point the word COIN is no where near centred.

If I have a perfect circle… and the image I have is a jpg/png and a perfect 1:1 square… how do I add that image to the circle and have it perfectly centred and not tiled or anything?


Import the image as a material and apply it to a rectangle of the appropriate size. Then select the new material and apply it to the circular face. If you find you need to adjust the position of the image, by right clicking on the face and choose Texture, Position.


Since your images are already a 1:1 square ratio, you can import the image and add the circle after it is exploded:


Ah that works… though, if I already have the object created, is there a way to “glue” the flat COIN circle to the top of the existing piece?


You can glue it the way @DaveR suggested. You can also “project” it onto an existing circle as well:


If you import the image as a texture instead of as an image, you can apply it to a face or any shape.


Tried the texture option… played with scale and such but just wouldn’t work for some reason. Even if I made the square image the same size as the circle before bringing it into sketchup it wouldn’t centre properly.

I’ll give that gluing method a try. I think that may be the solution. Thanks!


It can work properly. You must be missing something.


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