Attaching image to a polygon shape

I’m trying to place a polygonal image onto the face of a polygonal shaped object in sketchup. What would be the best approach if I wanted the image to conform to the shape since they are not exactly identical in size?

Use the paint bucket hit Alt and with the dropper select the image you have there, then paint the face of the geometry you have there, right click on the face, on the contextual menu go to texture position, scale it and move it to make it fit.

Thank you for your suggestion. How did you manage to get the contextual menu? When I click right on my mouse I don’t see the options that you are suggesting appear.

Thanks Dave, that is a nice feature. I will look into that as an option. What is most important to me is the shape of the object. The image is secondary.

When you right click on any place a menu appears, that’s called the contextual menu, depending on where you click different options will be shown on it, if you click on a face, a texture option should appear, if you’re using skp 2022 when you click on texture one of the options should say position, when you click on it the the texture will be shown with a transparency and four controls to manipulate the texture, the green one is to rotate and scale, the red one to move the blue and yellow to distort making the texture kind of perspective, if you hit shift they all will turn white and they will also distort the texture but on any way you want. I would make a video explaining how to do it but right now I’m not on my PC. You could also do what Dave said, using an extension to create geometry out of the image you have.

Thank you so much for the explanation. I was able to to see the “position” option once I clicked on the face of the object. I did not know that each color coated corner served a different function to manipulate image being layered over. I was able to figure it out with your written explanation but a video would be amazing!

I don’t see Dave’s previous message on the thread anymore. Do you recall the name of the extension that he suggested?

Image Trimmer from SKM Tools (at Sketchucation)

If you click on the pencil in the right upper corner of dave’s post you can see what was there before he edited/deleted the post…

Sorry. You indicated that the shape you’d already drawn was more important to you and gave the impression that my suggestion wasn’t suitable for your needs so I removed it.

No worries. Thank for your help