Texture is not in menu

2 boites_SU2017.skp (789.1 KB)
Can someone tell me how to position the texture on the top of this box. The right-click menu does not have texture even though the face is selected.

Use Fredo ThruPaint or ‘‘project’’ the texture from a face

You have painted the “box” group or component instead of the face inside it. Texture positioning is available only for materials that have been painted on individual faces.


And the face must be coplanar, otherwise it must be activated the show hidden geometry and right click on a coplanar triangle.

More precisely, you must be right clicking on a single face (that has the texture applied to it) not a surface made of multiple faces. Turning on Hidden Geometry will expose edges that divide surfaces and allow you to right click on a single face, whether it’s a triangle or some other shape.

A face is always coplanar. The SketchUp term for multiple smoothed faces is “surface”.


I want to thank all of you for your help. I had completely ignored the coplanar aspect of the lid. Once I projected the image on a flat face mihai.s, I realized that image would not work. I had hoped I could split the face into two portions and rotate the image around. But I could not get the look I wanted.

What you all told me did give me enough information for me to make it work, however.
1 boite.skp (445.6 KB)

It would help if you had a decent straght on image of that texture. It’s badly distorted.

I know. But that was the only image I could get

What’s it supposed to be? Maybe you can find something else that would be workable.

It is the lid to a box being rendered on a bathroom vanity.
1 boite.skp (527.6 KB)
I fine tuned this and I think it will work just fine.

Ah … The texture will surely work for that. Before you render it, however, you should correct the face orientation on the top and apply the texture to the front faces.

Thanks, I missed that. Would have probably noticed it when I try to render