My texture button has disappeared off my right click?

I can’t seem to workout why the texture button has disappeared, I need to position a texture. It is not in a group or componant and I am selecting the face and no edges. I am only in my second year as an interior design student so relatively new to SketchUp. The texture I am using is off the internet. I have never had this issue before, I will add a screenshot.
I appreciate any help,
Thank you,

Texture only shows up in the Context menu if you are right clicking on a single face. In your screen shot you have more than one face selected. Turn on Hidden Geometry and then right click on a single face to see Texture and use it for adjusting the position or orientation.

Multiple faces selected–no Texture option.

Hidden Geometry on and single face selected–Texture option is available.

Okay I understand, thanks so much for your quick reply Dave!