Various options missing from the popup menu what right clicking the mouse button

I have a model that I am texturing with a wood pattern.
I’ve uploaded the texture ,but after watching the tutorial videos that show me how to rotate the texture on a face, it does not work
Or, to be more specific, I only see about half the option on the popup menu when right clicking the mouse, and ‘Texture’ is not there.
I’ve double clicked the the group and selected the face that has the texture applied to it. And, then right clicked the mouse button, but the texture option is not there.

If your texture is applied to a group or component instead of the faces within , that Texture option will not be available. Additionally, if you are right clicking on a surface made up of multiple faces, the option won’t be available. You need to be right clicking on a single face with the texture applied to it.

The right click menu is known as the Context menu. The menu items that show up in it are determined by what you are right clicking on.

Yes, I am aware that I need to go into the ‘group’ and select the face.
I have done that And, that face is highlighted. Do I need to ungroup the entire thing to access just that face even though I have it selected in the group?

No. If you are right clicking on a single face, the menu entry will be there.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

And you have to select ONLY the face, not any edges, or the Texture context menu won’t appear.

Skeaker Cabinet~.skp (977.1 KB)

Yes, I thought that might be the case, but I am sitll not seeing what I should in the contextual menu.

You’ve appplied the material to the group and not the faces inside. Select things in the model and look at Entity Info. It’ll show you what has the material applied to it. By the way, you uploaded the backup version of the file. Note the tilde in the file name. Be careful with that.

Here I’ve moved the texture to the faces and you can see that the face I’ve right clicked on now show the texture and Texture appears in the context menu.

Here’s the updated Sketchup file.
Skeaker Cabinet fixed.skp (787.4 KB)

Question: Are these the kind of dimensions you really want for this model?

So, my mistake is that I selected the group and applied my texture to that.
I should have applied it to each face/polygon, correct?

Yes. Open the groups for editing and apply the texture to the faces.

The sizes are a bit odd in some cases. I selected 1/2" finished marine plywood and it’s not really 1/2". It’s 0.472", but that length is wrong. I’ll need to change that to 25".

So 12 mm?

I believe so, yes.

Are the holes for the speakers supposed to be in metric dimensions or inches?

They will be 12" celestion speakers. Their wqy site listed the hole size to be 11.1"

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Just for grins I made a quick revised version. I made the panels 12mm thick and made 1/4 in. deep grooves which does made the front and back pieces a little odd for dimensions. I used components for the parts instead of groups.

I just used the hole sizes from your model.

Skeaker Cabinet dr.skp (794.2 KB)

Awesome! I’m sure I’ll get the hang of all the ins and outs of Sketchup soon enough.
-You guys have a great day!

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