Perplexing differences in drop down menu between parts of the same model

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This is a screen shot of the right click dropdown menu I get when I click the active plane

And this is the same dropdown menu in an adjacent component with (as far as I can see) the same settings as the first one, only here you can see that I have the option to position the texture.

I have a lot of curved surfaces to deal with in this model (its a castle with lots of towers), so I really need to be able to position the texture more often than not. So I was wondering if anyone could explain why the shot of the first component doesn’t give me any access to the texture option?

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I can’t tell from your little screenshots but the Context menu shows options that are available based on the entity you right click on. I would gather that in your first screen shot you have more than one face selected. In the second, you have a single face selected. The Texture menu item is only available when you have only one face selected.

If you were to share the SKP file, it would be easier to give you exact information.


Sorry! I only have a 15 inch laptop.

Is this any better?

I have deleted some of the faces to try and make it clear there is only one face active - and still no texture positioning option.

Does it make a difference that both sides of that face are textured? Its the same texture, which appears to have been applied to both sides of the face.

Just upload the SKP file so we can see it.

Is there an upload limit or something? I can’t seem to even get it to start uploading.

Oh, what a banana I am. I hadn’t realised it was over 100 MB. Of course its too large.

Now I have to remember how to export the part that’s not working and upload just that bit of it instead.

Sorry about the delay.

Sorry - the component is also too large.

I can’t upload it.

Don’t worry. I will just have to redraw the thing and hope it doesn’t go all weird on me again. The rest of the model is fine.

Upload the model to Drop Box and share the link

Is OneDrive ok?

And can I share it in a limited way on this forum? Its a commission piece.

You only get “position texture” when it’s applied directly to an individual face. You won’t have that option if you apply your texture to a group. If you want to reposition each face, you should do it manually to one and work from that point forward.

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Send the link as a. PM by clicking on my name.

OMGosh! I think you might be right.

I’ll just check that, monospaced before I send it to DaveR.

Unfortunately I just crashed Sketchup so I have to reopen it again (my machine is rubbish)

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That’s what I told you in my first reply.

Monospaced - you were absolutely right! Thank you so much :smiley:
As soon as you said that I remembered just quickly plastering the same stone texture all over all the building components just to get a rough idea of what it might look like when I finished it.

And thank you both for responding so quickly and being so very helpful! :smiley:

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I didn’t understand, DaveR. I’m sorry!

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Here is a shot of the same tower base with the texture positioned.

Thank you again. I have no idea how long it would have taken me to realise the problem without you! :slight_smile:

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