Floor Texture

access floor.skp (106.5 KB)

Think I created this material/texture wrong. It is suppose to represent 2’x2" access floor panels but I don’t seem to have right click access to move it to the starting point shown by the guides. If you have a minute could you look at it and tell me what I screwed up.

Thanks in advance for your efforts.


I’ll look.

The texture appears to be about the right size.

Did you apply it to the floor group instead of opening the group for editing? In order to position the texture it must be applied to the face, not the group container. HEre I’ve applied the texture to the face inside the group and right clicked on the face to get Texture>Position.

Opened the group → selected the face → right click menu does not have texture as an option? Using 22.0.354 for this drawing. Can grab a screen shot of the right click menu

In the model you shared there is no texture applied to the face in the group. I opened the component and applied your texture. Then I got the Text menu item as I showed.

I know it has worked before not sure why it is not on context menu

I got it but it is not at the top of the menu much farther down? Thanks as always for your help.

It’s not at the top of the menu for me either. My screenshot just cropped off the top of the menu.