Can't Edit Floor Material

Hi guys, I am fairly new to SketchUp, and I have applied a floor material to a surface and cannot rotate pattern or apply any rugs etc as they are not visible on the face.
I have realised I didn’t reverse sides to make it white, not grey and then apply material, I’m not sure if this is all that I had to do, however I don’t know how to undo this this or change it as is have been saved with the floor material applied. If I try to delete it removes the whole floor and its not a simple floor plan. Please help.

I sounds like you have grouped the geometry for the floor and then applied the texture to the group container. In order to rotate the material, it needs to be applied to the face. Then right click on the face and choose Texture>Position.

If you share the SKP file so we can look at it we can give you more detailed info.

Yeah possibly… not really even sure what that means. I had applied the material to the “slab” and have managed to return it back to its default ‘paint’. How should I apply it so I an re-position texture and have rugs etc show up? I’m not seeing reverse sides any more and I thought I read that somewhere…?

If the “slab” is a group or component, open it for editing. Right click on it and choose Edit Group (or Edit Component) or double click on it with the Select tool. Then apply the material to the face of the slab. If it runs the wrong way, right click on it and choose Texture>Position. If you want to rotate it 90° or 180°, right click again and choose Rotate and select the appropriate rotation angle. Or you can drag the green push pin.

Okay, Ill try that. Thanks

When I double click or right lick to open for editing it just goes all grey and I cannot select anything until i dbl click outside of model.

Opening it now. Back shortly. By the way, I sent you a PM.

I think I see your problem. You have created a group of just the top skin of the slab. That group and the loose geometry of the rest of the slab is contained in a larger group.

That’s really not a great modeling technique but if that’s what you really want, you need to get that group for the top skin opened for editing before applying any materials to it.

It would make more sense to explode that inner group so all the faces of the slab are in a single group and then you only need to open that one for editing before painting the materials on.

Oh sorry, just saw it. I will delete file after you have seen it. Ta

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I might have done so by accident, I’m not great at SketchUp haha. So I dont care so much about the groups as I only need to be able to edit the flooring surface. So how do I get to that inner group to explode it?

Probably the easiest way is to find it in Outliner, right click on it and choose Explode.

Here I’ve put the floor slab back on the house and exploded that inner group.

The rug needs to float above the floor slightly or you need to make it part of the floor slab. Or just move it up. I see you’ve given it some thickness.

Oh amazing, thank you. I have my own material for the flooring but I can’t manage to get the repeat to look right. I have played around with the scale, it doesn’t seem to be helping :confused:

I noticed there are a bunch of materials in your In Model collection. 109 out of 159 aren’t beeing used by anything in the model. I didn’t know which one you wanted to use so I just used a native floor material.

Where did you get the image for the flooring? For wood floors especially, you need one that is designed to tile correctly. That’s not a SketchUp thing, though, that’s an image editor thing. There are ways to create tilable images if you need to do that.

I am using an actual wood sample for real likeness.

That can be problematic if it isn’t evenly lit. The wood textures I saw in your model don’t appear to be long enough either. You might have a look at Arroway for wood floor textures. They offer some pretty good flooring samples.

Okay thank you, I shall have a look

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Hi Dave, I am working in the same model to try and cut a door but it’s not push/pulling, and I think this has something to do with my groups again and I just can’t repair it. You were very helpful yesterday and I was hoping you could assist again? Encountering something after another…

I’ll help. Look for a PM in a few moments.