Texture is missing from my choices in Mac in right click

When I want to change a position to my material I cant find in right click the texture option. Please help me! I have Mac and using the Pro 2019 version

I don’t know how but the problem suddenly disappeared:grinning::blush::blush:

Check that you have only the face selected. If any edges are also selected the option does not appear.

thank you

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Also consider this…
If you have applied a textured material to a ‘container’ [group/component-instance] then a face within it might display that texture [if it has no material of its own], and then when you edit the container and select that face the Texture context-menu will not appear, because that face actually has no material at all, but is instead displaying the material applied to its container.
Check the materials assigned to the container and to the face in question…
This might solve your mystery…