Texture positioning

I have been through the Help section about positioning textures.
I would like to rotate the texture’s image.
What I am missing is the meaning of “Context-click the material and select Texture > Position from the menu that appears.”
I don’t even know what context-click means . . .
I have tried all ways to select the image and right click, either at model level or at component-edit level, and nothing happens.
Real help from a person would be very nice.

An Image is not a textured-material.
If you explode it it will become one, applied onto that rectangular face.
That textured-material can be applied onto other faces…

The ‘Texture’ tool only becomes available if you have selected one face and that face has a material applied to it, and that material has a texture [i.e. it’s not a plain color].
So that means the tool won’t appear for multiple face selections, or a selection of a group or component-instance which displays a textured-material on a face by virtual of it having been applied onto the ‘container’ itself [whilst the face in question has the ‘default-material’].

So assuming you have a suitable '‘textured’ face selected…
Right-click > Context-menu > Texture…
There are a number of sub-tools for manipulating the texture, made available for you now…

Thanks for the help; I got it all figured out.

Context-click (MAC) = Right-click (PC)

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