Modifying Textures

I’m trying to reposition and scale textures. Knowledge Center says to context click on a texture and select TEXTURE>POSITION ETC., When I context click (right mouse button) that is not among my options.
I used to be able to do it.

You need to be on a face for this option to work, if you try it from outside the edit context of a group/component it won’t work.

Hint: Double-click to enter the edit context of a group or component instance.

What I do is I Bruteforcemulticlick in whatever face I want until it’s all dotted blue, then CTRL+T unselects everything and I can rightclick on the face I want.

Bruteforcemulticlick is the technical term to doubleclicking at the speed of light on every nested group/component under the mouse until I hit the face I want.