How To Add box around text label?

Isn’t there ab easy way to make labels that automatically have a rect. box around the text??? Surely I am missing something SU2019. Is it even called a text box? Searches make me realize text box is the text view port. What’s the label box called???
thnx for da help

Select the label text box and turn on Stroke in the Shape Style panel.

Double click on the leader to open the label, select the text box, and turn on Stroke.

In LayOut, select the text box and enable Stroke in the Shape Style tray.

as a follow along with the answers above, don’t forget that after you set the stroke on the text box, you can then get the dropper tool and click on the entire label and all the details will be copied. If you have other labels that you need to apply that box to then you can use the bucket tool on them and all will match your new label conditions.

You guys just kick ass over and over and over again. Thanks for being there. Truly appreciate the help.