How to customize Layout label design

Hi, I am trying to customize the label tag in Layout when I am labeling components. I’d like to create a border frame around the text and can’t figure out how to do this. Seems like it should be so simple, an option in shape style but it isn’t. Thanks in advance!

If you double click on the label and select the text, you can turn on Stroke in shape Style

Thanks so much! This worked. Is there a way we can create it to be oval shaped? Also can we set this as a preset so we don’t have to manually go into the label and change it for all of them?

Currently you can only make a square/rectangular border but once you’ve set the first label to have the border, get the eye dropper from the toolbar and click on that label. Then click on the other labels in the document to make them match. If you make the adjustment before you place other labels, you can get the Label tool, type s and sample the modified label. New labels going forward will have the borders.

You could set up the label style for your own template that you use for future projects so the borders will already be present when you start adding labels.

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Okay thanks so much Dave :slight_smile:

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You’re quite welcome.

I should tell you that you could do something like I show here by combining a shape with the label. You could then copy that around the document and edit the label text. You’d probably need to modify the size of the shape, too, so it’s not ideal.

Thanks, yeah the problem this way is we want to be able to use the component attributes we set. Thank you though!

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Yeah. Then that won’t work for you unfortunately. Fingers crossed for shapes for text boxes. :wink:

Amen to that! :wink:

Hi Dave! Any ideas on why this is happening to the text box on the left? Using the same label tag but the arrow seeps into the framed box only on the left tag.

Layout question|690x470

The end of the leader is positioned relative to the end of the text, not the text box. If you set the test to right justified it will do what you want.

Or you could set the end arrow size to some higher value.

Ha so simple, thanks so much Dave!

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Back again haha
Is it possible to drop labels without arrows? We want to maintain the component instance but the arrows are making it too messy.

And another smaller question is how can I remove the extra white space in the text box frame?

Thanks so much in advance!

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You can edit the color of the leaders and make them transparent.

As for the space in the text box, probably the best you can do is center justify the the text.

Hmm okay, too bad there’s not a better way but I thought this as a backup. I appreciate your speedy replies!

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If you want to have the leader w/o the arrow…On the Start Arrow drop down select line style without arrow.(pointer)
( Dave…I borrowed part of you’re pic)


That gets rid of the arrowhead but if you don’t want the leader to show at all, you need to do something like what I suggested.

Thank you to both of you! This accomplishes what I need, although I wish there was a way to get rid of the arrow altogether, oh well! Thanks a lot!

You kind of need the leader to connect to the model. Making the leader transparent is the way to keep the labels connected with no apparent strings attached…

That makes sense, thanks very much!


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