Text Boxes that follow contour of a material

Thanks in advance for insights. In Layout, I am trying to determine a way to label pvc pipe for the length of the entire route of the pipe in the model.

The label would be descriptive . it would list the line type, size , and rating information, Gallons perm minute (GPM), velocity Feet per second ( FPS). So as an example it would be : Skimmer 2" Sch 40 PVC pipe 40GPM @ 4FPS.

The line of course changes direction and other lines may cross over or under. Will want to color code as well. That should be fairly easy . I just dont have any concept on how to “easily” and draw a shape like this easily and have label as a part of it .

If it would be simpler to add text to round pvc pipe in my model that could work as well, and may have advantages…

There isn’t a good way to add text to follow geometry within LayOut. You could use 3D Text in the SketchUp model and place it a long the pipe. Do you have a sample image of what you are trying to accomplish? What I am envisioning from your description seems like it would be difficult to read in the document. Color-coding and a key seems like a better and easier option to me.

I know what your saying about it may be hard to read.

The text could just follow the contour of the pipe and be adjacent to it .

The text size could be manipulated so it’s easier to read, and sections could be hidden where it get too crowded ?

You could do a lot of things. It depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. There isn’t an automatic way to do what you propose in SketchUp.

Sounds like I should just color pipe. Then create text box and manually paste along the pipe path ? That would get it done. But seems like it would be a tad tedious .

Ha yes . Trying to determine a way to fill out text and attach to the pipe so I dont have to spend loads of time.

You could create your pipes as components with the text added to the description field. Then a label added in LayOut could display that description.

Understood. A simple key with color coding would take much less time. You could still use labels as above.

Ok next week I plan to dive in to doing a plumbing schematic . I will post some images as an example to see if you ( or anyone ) has input on how to simplify process. Thank you.

Is there a method in Layout to draw a shape that changes direction and maintains the same width? Like you would draw a wall in sketch up ? I could potentially draw the piping and schematic like that.

Then I wouldn’t have to model the piping in SketchUp. At this point in my Sketchup experience I find modeling the plumbing to me arduous task. There are many pipes in close proximity of each other. It takes a lot of time to keep them from becoming inadvertently interconnected. I think drawing in 2 D may be more practical. If I could have a “rectangle” follow me in layout that would be the ticket I think. Sorry to get off topic here.

You could use the drawing tools to draw lines and arcs and then Offset to finish it up.

I expect you could manage by drawing a path for Follow Me and then use a circle as the path. If your pipes exist in 3D space it would make sense to model them in 3D space in SketchUp. If your pipes are becoming “inadvertently interconnected” it would imply to me that you aren’t using groups and components correctly.

Not needed with Offset.

Started with a single line on the lower left, Offset, connect the ends, add a fill color.

You might consider Pipe Along Path (free) from TIG or Profile Builder 3 (paid) from Mindsight Studios to make things easier.

Make a texture in Photoshop or another program and apply it to your pipe. Play with the scale…

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Maybe it could help you https://www.kcdallc.com/product-page/vbo-vstyle