How to add an PNG image to a corrugated wall. Shipping container wall

Im looking to add a PNG image to the outside of a shipping container wall so it follows the corrugation of the wall. I’ve been able to add a texture to the multiple surfaces but not an image which is a logo, so it doesnt cover the whole surface. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance

If you want the logo image to follow the corrugation but not cover the entire container, divide the surface so you have a region for the logo and the rest uses a different material. If you share your logo image and your .skp model of the container it would be easy to give you an example.

Thanks DaveR. Whats the best way to share my model and image?

Drag and drop the files into a reply. There was a momentary problem with the forum so I just got a container from the 3DWH and found a logo to put on it.

I decided on the size of the logo image and made the background around the logo the same color as the container.

I drew a square the same size as the logo and used Push/Pull to extrude it through the side of the container, then opened the container side group for editing and intersected the side panel geometry with model. Here the edges from the intersection are shown hidden.

I imported the image as a texture and applied it to the square (which was still directly in front of the container, sampled it and applied it to the section on the panel.

Thanks DaveR ill give this a try. Little unsure on how to intersect the side panel geometry with the model. Ill let you know how I go.

Hi DaveR, the texture is only following one surface and not going over the whole surface. Ive added my files for you to have a look. Thanks again for your help. CAN_BAR.skp (2.7 MB)

Sorry. I should have added another screen shot.

So I pulled a copy of the side panel component out of the model to work on it and corrected the face orientation (white faces should be out). I added a gray color to the logo so it looks like this.

You can use whatever color you are going to use for the rest of the container.

In SketchUp I drew a rectangle the size of the image and extruded it through the side panel. Then I opened the panel for editing and intersected the surface with the box. I also used File>Import to import the image as a texture which I applied to the end of the box.

After the intersection is complete the only face needed from the box is the one with the image on it. The rest gets deleted. Then it’s a simple matter of opening the panel for editing, getting the Paint Bucket tool and while holding Command, sample the texture on the rectangle and apply it to the side of the container.

Thanks. Thats worked perfectly. Cheers.

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Glad it work. Generally one would mark the post that contains the answer to the quest and not their own post as the solution so that others who might happen along can figure it out.

Ok thanks for the advice, I’ve marked the correct post now. Cheers DaveR

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