How to append text onto wavy sheet metal?

Hello guys,
I got a container and therefore a wavy sheet metal wall and I need to append a text onto this wavy wall but I can’t figure out how to do it !?
(Using SU2014)

Is the text 2D? As in a flat texture? Or is it 3D embossed?

It’s a 2D text, no need to extrude. At the end, it should just look like paint over a container’s wavy wall.

Like this:



Exactly just like the fourth image on the right side. It just gave me an idea ! Can’t I just merge an extruded text within the wavy wall and then get rid of the extra relief ? Otherwise is there any easy working plugin that could fit for me ?

This is not four choices; it’s a four-step process to arrive at the fourth panel.

There is no “extra relief” on the final product. The text is lying “flat” on the wavy surface.


Okay I got it now ! THANKS !!!

Then consider projecting an image of the text vs. creating mass amounts of tiny geometry.
You can make the text image with most any image editor; even lowly MS Paint has a text tool.

Like so…

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Keep in mind, though, that the background of the text image must match the color of the corrugated panel. You could make the background on the text image extra large so you end up painting the entire surface of the panel with the imported image.


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Big thanks, it just works great !