Transparent projected texture pic on sphere surface with no background

Greeting from Finland

I am new user here so sorry if this issue is already solved earlier. I have no issues to use png texture with out background on flat surface. This Kettlebell surface just wont work.

Hope there is easy way to solve this but I just cant figure out .

Thank you already

Set logo png as Projected texture

Thank you for fast reply. I have doen exatly like you shown. So i am on right path. Unfortunately issue comes when png texture touching surface

Your logo, make it a group and place it at 1 mm distance from the sphere.

Yeah. I have cheat that already. Is that really only way to do it?

Can you share the texture and your model file?

sure. Can I have your email address?

If you don’t want to make the files public, send them in a PM by clicking on my name at the top of this post.

You can UV mapping (SketchUV) the sphere and use a Blend material in V-ray. But also need to prepare the logo texture before inserting (to wrap the sphere exactly, including distortions)

Another way

In Blender: UV unwrapping, UV mapping + save UV layout

In Affinity Photo: Add the logo in UV layout

In SketchUp: import OBJ file exported from Blender, and create in V-ray Blend material


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